Purity Must Haves...

Wax it...

Full Legs £23.00

Half Top Legs £18.00

Three-quarter Legs £18.00

Half Legs £15.00

Bikini from £10.00

Bikini Brazilian from £20.00

Hollywood *Hot Waxing* £30.00

Hollywood “Every 4 weeks” £24.00

Underarms £9.00

Eyebrows £8.00

Lip £7.00

Chin £8.00

Lip ‘n’ Chin £10.00

Side of Face £8.00

Side of Face & Chin £13.00

Lower Arm £10.00

Full Arm £17.00

Spray Tanning...

A bespoke tan that allows you to achieve different depths of colour, our qualified therapists will guide you towards a tan that will suit your skin type. Packed full of natural ingrediants, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Cocoa Butter, Green Tea, just to name a few ...

Whole Body £22.00

Upper Body £13.00

Whole Legs £13.00

Full range of products available to maintain and extend your tan

Inch Loss Body Wrap...

Using minerals from the dead sea and heat therapy to help emulsify fat, detox your system and is fantastic for fluid retention and cellulite!...

Whole Body £60.00

Half Body £50.00