Medical Facial Peel: Vi Peel

For Customised Skin Care With Minimum Downtime, Choose A VI Peel ®

The aging process can cause your skin to become lax, pigmented, and rough. Sun exposure and environmental assault just adds to the problem. Ageing is inevitable but the VI Peel can make a difference in as little as 10 days.

At Purity Aesthetics, our VI Peel® is the Gold Standard, medium depth peel that is specially formulated to treat every skin type. The VI Peel® will improve the tone, texture, and clarity of the skin; reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma; soften lines and wrinkles; clear acne skin conditions; reduce or eliminate acne scars; and stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin.

Facial peels are used in skin rejuvenation and each different strength of peel helps to address various skin concerns, AHA’s work superficially, Medik8 Peel and the VI Peel® combination penetrates the deeper dermis as well as resurfacing the outer epidermis. Some peels are more suitable for specific skin types, your practitioner will guide you to the most suitable type for your specific skin needs in your consultation.

VI Peel® also works well in conjunction with, injectables and Micro-needling procedures.


Vi PeelWhat Is The Vi Peel®?

The VI Peel® is a medium depth, medical grade peel and can only be administered by Doctors, Nurses and Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioners. Founded in 2006, V I Medical Products is recognized as a leader in medical skincare; manufacturing an innovative line of products that reverse and prevent skin aging, for beautiful skin that lasts a lifetime. Skin that is properly maintained by chemical peel treatments on a regular basis and appropriate daily care stays healthy, youthful, and radiant at any age.

The Founder Dr. Kalil, created the VI Peel® to treat his teenage daughter’s acne. His scientific breakthrough tamed the major acids commonly used as peeling agents. Finally, there was a practical and accessible way to improve skin quickly. The VI Peel® truly rendered every other peel obsolete. Dr. Kalil continues to create new chemical peel formulations that are each a unique advancement to the VI Peel® line.



Medical Facial PeelVI Peels® are a safe, effective approach to achieving younger looking skin and provide superior results for Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 5. Two to four VI Peel® per year, along with proper home care, reverses sun damage, treats hyperpigmentation including melasma, acne and acne scarring, aging skin, and rosacea. Clients of all ages will benefit from our treatments, from teen acne sufferers to mature clients wanting to reverse the signs of aging.

Unlike other chemical peels, our treatments are virtually painless, require no skin preconditioning and have minimal downtime. The peels are suitable for the face and body. The VI Peel® are practical and give excellent results within two to three weeks. VI Peel® also works well in conjunction with, injectables and Micro-needling procedures.


Formulated to target a wide range of skin imperfections, including:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Ageing skin
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Sunspots and discoloration


Medical Facial Peel For AcneWhile other chemical peels are limited in customization, the VI Peel® comes in multiple varieties depending on your skin condition, and each peel is specifically formulated to be safe for all skin types.

What’s the secret? It all comes down to the synergistic blend of active ingredients including trichloroacetic acid (TCA), retinoic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, vitamin C, and a blend of minerals, which have incredible benefits, like improving texture and tone, rejuvenating the skin, and helping to prevent further damage. It also contains pain-numbing ingredients to lessen the burning sensation, doing away with it altogether for some clients.




Benefits Of The VI Peel®

There are different versions of the VI Peel available, each tailored to a specific concern; however, the overall benefits include:

  • Reducing acne and surface acne scars: The VI Peel packs a one-two punch for those afflicted with acne, helping treat symptoms while lessening the scars it can leave behind. Smoothing skin texture, brightens dark areas, soothes inflammation, and increases collagen to plump depressed or pitted skin. Scars respond to the VI Peel differently, and multiple sessions or combination treatment may be necessary.
  • Diminishing sunspots and hyperpigmentation: The synergistic blend of ingredients in the VI Peel is ideal for brightening skin, diminishing sunspots, including melasma and leaving the complexion with a refreshing glow.
  • Smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles: The combination of acids, antioxidants, and exfoliants penetrates skin deeply, causing a resurfacing process that stimulates new cell production including collagen and elastin for a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance.


What's In The VI Peel®

What To Expect With Your VI PeelTrichloroacetic acid (TCA) and Phenol:·If you’re familiar with chemical peels, you’re likely well-versed in both skin-smoothers. The combination of TCA and phenol creates a controlled injury of the skin, leading to regeneration and resulting in increased collagen and elastin production.TCA clears away dead skin cells to reveal the new skin layers below to treat concerns like skin discoloration, scarring, and wrinkles. Phenol is often used to treat deeper concerns like sun damage, pigmentation, and facial lines.

Salicylic Acid: The same go-to active in many acne products gives the VI Peel an extra boost of breakout-busting power. Salicylic acid is used to exfoliate the skin and clean the pores, can reduce mild breakouts of whiteheads and blackheads, and prevents future skin breakouts.·

Retinoic Acid: Retinoid acid is a derivative of vitamin A, and it helps to regulate growth and differentiation of skin cells, resulting in a reduction in acne, inflammation, and oil production. It’s also where the Vi Peel’s anti-aging benefits come in, the ingredient’s ability to exfoliate, firm, and volumize the skin.·

L- Ascorbic Acid, (Vitamin C): The ingredient of the moment, Vitamin C is included in the VI Peel as a powerful antioxidant that counters some of the damaging effects of the sun and pollution, reducing pigmentation and improving the appearance of the skin. Not to mention its collagen-boosting properties and is instrumental in plumping skin and smoothing over wrinkles.·

Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Hydrocortisone: The more targeted versions of the VI Peel might contain the above ingredients for their abilities to target breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation.·


How to Prepare for the VI Peel®

As with any procedure, start by doing your research to decide if you’re a good candidate for the VI Peel, this will also be covered in an in-depth consultation. While it’s generally considered safe for virtually every skin type, the importance of zero sun exposure for 4 weeks before and after the treatment is paramount.·Always use your MEDIK8 broad-spectrum SPF, as recommended in your consultation. When investing time and money into any anti-ageing procedure, following your homecare advise is vital to maximise your results and prevent future damage. Pop some false tanning on through the summer months, helping you achieve that glow without the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Sun UV exposure is one of the largest factors for external or photo aging. Extrinsic aging factors account for 80%- 85% of the ageing process. Using adequate sun protection is our best line of defence. UVA rays penetrate more deeply than the UVB rays and are responsible for extrinsic ageing. Cellular damage occurs in one tenth the time it takes the skin to burn.

Avoid using retinol 5-7 days before or after the VI peel treatment to avoid any adverse reactions.



  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Aspirin allergy
  • Phenol allergy
  • Inflamed skin with open wounds
  • Immune disorders that inhibit skin healing process (e.g., Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus and scleroderma, Diabetes mellitus, vascular or arterial diseases)
  • Roaccutane (acne treatment), use within the past 3 months
  • Active cold sores or herpes simplex
  • Liver condition
  • Chemotherapy, or radiation in past 6 months.


What To Expect During A VI Peel®?

As far as chemical peels go, the VI Peel is considered non-invasive, and most clients agree that it’s painless. Some clients experience a “mild tingling, like pins and needles,” but nothing too severe. However, it’s common to experience significant peeling over the first three to-six days after treatment.


Potential Side Effects

Overall, side effects tend to be minimal. However, the importance of resisting the urge to pick or peel away at the skin to avoid scarring. This is especially important for those with darker skin tones. Some clients might experience some skin discoloration around day three after treatment, especially when treating sunspots and acne scarring, though it dissipates independently.


VI Derm AftercareThe Cost

The price of a VI Peel is from £250 per session, this includes your Pre-Consultation, The VI Peel Procedure and the post care pack with the correct homecare products to use. However, the final cost depends on how many treatments you are recommended based on your skincare goals. If you're looking for an overall refresh that’s a few steps above what you can get at home, then one VI Peel session may be all you need, but many experts agree that the VI Peel is not typically a one-time treatment.·Depending on the level of advancement of your skin concern, it can take about three sessions to achieve the desired outcome.






In addition to resisting any urges to pick, peel, or even touch your face, aftercare is relatively easy and involves sticking to the post-care instructions you’ll receive with the treatment aftercare pack, which is included in the price of the peel.

  • Use 5 days post peel: The VI Peel Post Homecare products as instructed by your practitioner.



  • Treat the skin gently (stop using wash cloths and facial sponges)
  • Allow the skin to peel naturally, do not pick at skin
  • Minimise sun exposure
  • Apply SPF liberally and wear even when cloudy. If in direct sunlight, SPF should be reapplied every two hours
  • If you are prone to hyperpigmentation, it is recommended to use pigment suppressants to minimise the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation before and after your peel - speak with your practitioner for specific recommendations



  • Do not expose the skin to sun or sun lamps for 4 weeks
  • Avoid leave on AHAs, BHAs or physical exfoliants for one week
  • Avoid wash off AHAs and BHA cleansers for 3 days post peel
  • Avoid make-up when the skin is peeling post peel
  • Avoid self-tan for one week post peel
  • Avoid heat treatments (sauna etc) for 24 hours post peel
  • Avoid swimming and exercising for 24 hours post peel


After seven days, return to your usual skincare routine, avoiding exfoliation for at least two weeks after your peel.

During your consultation, we will assess your individual condition and create the best treatment plan for you. In addition, to visible results in as little as 10 days, this treatment can also be used as a long-term option for managing visible signs of ageing and maintaining smooth, healthy, glowing skin.

To find out how a VI Peel can exfoliate and remodel ageing and damaged skin with fast results and minimal downtime. Call today to book an initial consultation with Yvonne on: 01980 842509.


The T&C's

  • You will need to attend a medical consultation, there is a £25 consultation fee payable. However, if you book in your procedure, the £25 will be redeemed off your first treatment. A vital part of your journey to check medical history /any contraindications and areas of concern before any filler appointments can be performed. We all have different needs and aspirations, so during your consultation, we will discuss what results can be achieved.·
  • A total of £40 deposit is required on the consultation day
  • 48 hours notice is required to move any scheduled appointment, otherwise we cannot transfer the deposit money to the new appointment date.


VI Peel® FAQ’s

Q. How is the VI Peel different from other peels?

A Peels of the past have epitomized the “no pain, no gain “approach to skincare. Before the VI Peel, the deeper and more painful the peel, and more downtime; the better the results. The VI Peel is painless yet produces dramatic visible results in just days.

Q. How many treatments are required to show an improved look?

A. A single VI Peel will achieve significant repair and a healthy glow to the skin. It is a true restorative and painless repair of damaged skin resulting from sun damage and acne. Best of all, it is a true aging preventative for younger skin with no visible damage.

Q. Will results be long lasting?

A. Like everything else in life, human skin needs maintenance. The VI Peel’s wonderful results will last if skin care is maintained, sun exposure is moderate and preventative aging with the VI Peel is performed three or four times a year; and in between peels, skin care is optimized with our Midik8 range.

Q. What’s the critical key to long lasting results?

A. We believe the skin should be “dentilized”, where we treat our skin with the same care that we treat our teeth. Regular visits to an aesthetic professional coupled with daily maintenance allow us to enjoy what life has to offer, in moderation, without the fear of damaging our skin. Just as we may eat a little bit of chocolate and drink coffee between visits to the dentist.

Q. How much preconditioning of the skin is required?

A. No preconditioning is needed, unlike other peels that can require up to 3-5 months.

Q. Does it burn?

A. Not really. Clients will feel a slight tingling sensation for a few seconds which subsides almost immediately. The peel is applied topically, numbing of the skin takes place after the first pass. Some clients may feel more comfortable with a fan, or cold air breeze.

Q. How badly will the client peel?

A. The flaking associated with the treatment is a light fluffy peel, to a deeper flaking depending on the strength used and skins tolerance. This can be built up over time. And peeling starts on day 2-3 and is usually complete by day 4-5. In some instances, the exfoliation is at the cellular level, where there is no visible exfoliation.

Q. What will I look like right after the VI Peel and during the next few days?

A. The skin will look slightly tan to red immediately following the peel. On days one and two, the skin will feel slightly tighter with no visible signs of having a peel except for looking slightly tan, as if the client had just returned from a relaxing weekend at a resort. Any pigmented areas might appear slightly darker, which is a good sign. It means that the pigment is ready to lift. On about day three, you will begin to peel. The first signs of peeling usually begin around the mouth, continuing for another day or two. With use of the VI DERMTM post peel protectant, clients go about their usual daily routine. By day six or seven, the peeling is complete, and results are dramatic!

Q. What about normal activities following the VI Peels?

A. There are no restrictions. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after the peel. For the clients who exercise routinely, low impact aerobic activity would be advised for 48-72 hours.

Q. What will the VI Peels do for my skin?

A. The VI Peels use synergy of different chemical peel mechanisms of action to produce multiple positive effects. The peel tackles problems at the cellular level, rather than just surface exfoliation like some AHA peels. Because of the blended formulations with multiple acids, vitamins, and minerals, the peel helps to erase lines and wrinkles, shrink enlarged pores, and builds collagen and elastin which tighten the skin. It is extremely effective in practically eliminating hyperpigmentation (including melasma) which is the most difficult type of hyperpigmentation to address. The VI Peel also provides excellent results for acne clients.

Q. How many peels are needed?

A. The peel may be repeated as often as every four weeks, if necessary, for damaged skin. Our recommendation for average skin would be one peel every three months to prevent damage and underlying aging of the skin. The practitioner will evaluate the client’s skin condition, goals and expectations before making an appropriate recommendation for ongoing care. We advocate the ‘dentilization” of skin care for optimum results.

Q. Can you wear makeup following a VI Peel?

A. While the long-term goal is to eliminate the need for makeup. Makeup should not be worn on days that the skin is flaking, just moisturiser. Makeup can resume when exfoliation is complete.

Q. What about hands or chest?

A. Absolutely! The VI Peel is incredibly effective in removing age spots on the hands or chest; it also eliminates the wrinkles on the décolleté associated with sun damage. The physician will customize the application for each client’s needs.

Q. What kind of final results will I see after a single VI Peel?

A. The results can be seen approximately 7 days after the client finishes peeling, when the skin has returned to its normal pH. The skin will look luminous and glowing. The client will feel refreshed with slightly tighter skin. Hyperpigmentation will be improved or gone, depending on the amount of damage. Texture will be improved with a more youthful appearance. You will have a very happy client.

Q. What should be used on the skin in conjunction with the VI Peel?

A. Your homecare skin routine is just as important as the treatments themselves. You will be recommended a personal plan from our pharmaceutical brand, Medik8, an active range with scientifically proven ingredients. These should be used daily to tackle issues and maintain the new skin.

Q. Does the VI Peel make the skin thinner?

A. No, by sloughing off old skin you force the skin to renew itself at a faster rate. The skin thickens because you are stimulating the dermal matrix to make more collagen and elastin.

Q. Will my skin be more sensitive after the VI Peel?

A. The skin may be more sensitive during the actual flaking process, and it is possible for the client to experience sensitivity until the pH of the skin is restored. (4 days after flaking subsides).

Q. Will the VI Peel tighten the skin on the neck?

A. The skin on the neck has responded well. The VI Peel has proven to improve texture with gradual softening of the lines and some tightening effects. Other treatment procedures may be offered to enhance or work on a different level.

Q. What other areas can be exfoliated with the VI Peel?

A. Face, neck, hands, chest, back, heels, arms, legs all respond well to a VI Peel.

Q. Can I go out in the sun after the VI Peel?

A. Sun exposure should be limited and adequate protection with a good sunscreen should be used. The client receives a VI DERMTM Skin Care System – Post Peel Kit with their peel. The Post Peel Kit includes a SPF 55 Sunscreen and Post Peel Protectant moisturizer. The VI Peel was created to be practical. However, for 4 weeks after, clients should absolutely avoid any sun exposure to avoid complications. After this time, the client can enjoy moderate sun exposure, wearing a high broadband sunscreen of 30 / 50, and needs to continue regular treatments.

Q. What about exercise following the VI Peel?

A. the VI Peel was created to integrate with a busy individual’s lifestyle. We ask that no vigorous exercise commences for 48 / 72 hours post procedure.

Q. Can cold sore sufferers have a VI Peel?

A. Yes, they can. The active treatment can trigger an outbreak so the practitioners may recommend pre- medication prior to the peel. Many clients take a Anti-Viral treatment to prevent outbreaks and to treat a cold sore that has erupted. General guidelines are to take 5-7 days pre-peel and 5-7 days post.

Q. Are teenage acne sufferers too young for the VI Peel and would it help their acne?

A. Dr. Kalil formulated the VI Peel for his 15-year-old daughter, an acne sufferer. The peel is an excellent choice to treat adult and adolescent acne. Any client under the age of 18 years, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The V I Peel combined with a daily homecare routine, can help manage acne and scarring.

Q. Who will perform the VI Peel?

A. A Doctor, Nurse, or a level 5 Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner can perform the peel.

Q. How many layers of skin does the VI Peel remove?

A. This question applies to older, conventional, single acid peels where the action was specific to one ingredient making peel penetration or depth estimates possible. The VI Peel has multiple mechanisms of action, using Tretinoic acid, Salicylic acid, TCA, and Phenol. It behaves like a superficial peel (AHA), in relation to pain and downtime, but yields result equal to a medium depth peel. Clients who are using products with Retin-A, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C and hydroquinone will get a deeper peel.




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