Pro VX Anti Ageing Facials

DermaCo Pro VX

Non Surgical Bio Lift Facial With LED Light Therapy - Skin RejuvenationAmazing results after just 12 treatments of the Bio Lift Facial

The DermaCo Pro VX system is a unique and cutting edge piece of technology that allows professional therapists to create bespoke facial and body treatments for clients dependant on what they are hoping to achieve.

DermaCo produces clearly visible results and on going maintenance treatments for a youthful, more vibrant and nourished skin that can be achieved and easily maintained. Below are the six main treatments that the machine offers however we are able to mix different treatments and products to create a specialised and individual treatment plan of the highest quality and standard as expected by all of our clients.



Bio Lift - Non Surgical Facial Lifting ( 60 mins ) £62.00
Also includes thermotherapy, ultrasound and led light therapy

Micro-current was developed over 20 years ago as a medical treatment to re-educate weakened facial muscles in stroke victims. It has now been adapted to enable therapists the ability to offer you a course of treatments that would effectively tone and firm facial muscle fibre.

A safe and painless treatment procedure that rejuvenates the skin giving you more healthy looking contours and making you look considerably younger than your age. After just one treatment there is a noticeable lift but, depending on your individual skin tone and muscle resistance levels, results can often be outstanding!

We advise that you have a course of 10 /15 treatments over a 4 / 6 week period. There after you should have 1 treatment per month to maintain the youthful appearance you have already achieved. Most clients can honestly say that they look “10 Years Younger”. Try it and see!


Non Surgical Bio Lift Facial With LED Light Therapy - Skin RejuvenationBenefits

• Defines facial contours by "RE EDUCATING" the muscle fibres, achieving incredible end results

• Rejuvenates and improves skin tone

• Defines face contours

• Lifts brow lines and jaw lines

• Visible younger looking skin

• Increased confidence and self esteem due to young, toned and firm facial skin

• Relaxing and soothing treatments







Microdermabrasion & Ultrasound Therapy Facial RejuvenationMicrodermabrasion ( 60 mins ) £62.00
Also includes thermotherapy, ultrasound, Collagen Mask, a super relaxing Shoulder and Neck Massage, finishing with all our ESPA products.

*PRO VX LED Light Therapy can be added to this service for £10 extra ( 15mins )

*PDT Medical Grade Led Light Therapy Canopy can be added to this service for £20 extra (25mins ) Ask for details…

Microdermabrasion allows us to perform mechanical exfoliation based on the safe removal of the epidermis, layer by layer without the use of messy crystals.

Following the removal of the top layers of the epidermis there will be a period of increased growth of new skin cells, these cells will then travel outwards and replace the old dead cells which have been removed. Some crystal based therapies can leave the skin tender as the treatment can be very harsh on the sensitive Base layer. With DermaCo Microdermabrasion is a gradual process and there is NO risk of deep, unequal exfoliation or scarring.




Microdermabrasion & Ultrasound Therapy Facial RejuvenationBenefits

• Improved skin tone, colour and texture

• Increased elasticity

• Reduction of enlarged pores

• Removal of surface skin lines and wrinkles

• Reduction of oily skin

• Removal of discolouration caused by sun damage

• Fresher and vibrant looking skin





Lift and Firm Eye Therapy ( 30 mins ) £32.00

Perfect for those who are concerned with ageing around the eyes. An effective firming and hydrating treatment to lift the brow, removes eye bags and dark circles.



PDT Medical Grade Light Therapy Canopy
The “Photo Dynamic Therapy” -
Treatment Time ( 40 mins ) £38
Treatment Time ( 60 mins ) £55
"ADD" onto any of our Facials for - Treatment Time ( 20 mins ) £20

The PDT uses a low level of laser opposed to just a light therapy which only targets the skins surface. To boost Collagen, Reducing lines and wrinkles, Improving Acne by reducing inflammation and bacteria and stimulate healthy new cell regeneration.

Our skin has many different receptors so when stimulated have an immediate effect on our body. Some receptors respond to touch whilst others respond to various colours and light.

An example of this is the effect light has on our skin as seen in cancer patients. When the UV rays penetrate our skin and come into contact with our light receptors various problems can occur.

Using this knowledge and information about light, many organisations like NASA and DermaCo have conducted research and development into how other colours from the light spectrum can affect our skin in a positive way.


• RED Light - Anti ageing

Red light (visible) uses a wavelength 625nm, which is absorbed into the skin and turned into heat energy . The heat energy targets ELASTIC development and stimulates NEW COLLAGEN production. The newly produced collagen fibres form together with the increased elastin and in turn gives the dermis its shape back as well as giving the skin its firmness back.

The use of visible light increases blood circulation to the skins surface and causes the body tp produce new skin cells. Newer skin cells will be far thicker therefore greatly reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the epidermis.

• BLUE Light - Treat Acne

Blue light is a well established technology for improving and potentially curing types of Acne and is now starting to be used within the Beauty Industry as more people are seeking alternative therapies in place of prescription medication.

The technology derived from NASA proves that when our skin cells are exposed to BLUE LIGHT it has a positive effect reducing bacteria.

Photo Dynamic Therapy uses a low level of laser opposed to just a light therapy which only targets the skins surface. Blue diode laser uses 423nm wavelengths to boost the immune system and penetrate through the skins dermal layer and specifically target the bacteria causing ACNE. The Blue Light also promotes cell regeneration and reduces inflammation.

• PURPLE Light - Deep Set Wrinkles and The Immune System

Purple light uses a wavelength of 800-900nm, which is a much longer wavelength that the Red and Blue light uses. This means this light focuses its work much DEEPER into the dermis, therefore targeting far more advanced skin issues.

It works on deep set wrinkles and stimulates the immune system for repair.

• PURPLE Light Combined - Red and Blue

The reason for this is so you are using the shorter wavelengths the other lights provide to work on issues on the skins surface in CONJUNCTION with the Purple light working deeper.


Ultrasound *Included In All Facials*

Ultrasound has been used for cosmetic enhancement since the early 1980’s because of its therapeutic properties and great results. Small doses of Ultrasound promote the synthesis of protein inside the cells which help to regenerate wounded tissues and promote the synthesis of fibre cells in the body.

The accelerated metabolism of the cells changes the pH level of the skin to a more alkaline condition and thus facilitates the absorption of the induced products. The skin visibly tightens and smooths. The Ultrasound attachments vibrate at 1-3 million times per second (MHz) to create frictional heat that will penetrate through the dermal layers of the skin.

This warming and heating action is one of the most important elements of Ultrasound. The internal heat that is carried away by the blood circulation is not felt by the client. Ultrasound helps to expand the space in which cells exist, causing movement of cytoplasm, the rotation of mitochondria and the vibration of the cell nucleus, this will then stimulate and expand the cell membrane, improve blood circulation, relax muscles and aid the breakdown of fatty deposits reducing the appearance of cellulite, other benefits include cell regeneration, collagen production and the removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasound will penetrate deep into the skin layers changing various cellular properties. When it comes into contact with a cell, the cell membrane becomes temporarily permeable allowing specific types of nutrients to be absorbed therefore this procedure ensures that the product being used is transported deep into the dermis and has effectively gone straight to the root of the problem.


• Regenerates wounded skin tissue

• Accelerates metabolism skin cells

• Tightens and smooths skin

• Helps with Acne

• Removes eye bags and dark puffy eyes

• Allows active ingredients to be transported deep into the dermal layers

• Increases cell regeneration, collagen production and removal of fine lines and wrinkles



Thermotherapy *Included In All Facials*

Thermotherapy is the first procedure used in a treatment with the DermaCo machine. It is a warm disc application that has many different therapeutic benefits when applied to the skins surface, the heat will increase the size of the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and allowing the active ingredient which is on the skin to be distributed throughout the area more effectively.

It will also prepare the skin surface for Microdermabrasion by opening up the skin pores and making the vacuum to exfoliate more accessable and easier to cleanse. This of course will release harmful toxins from the skin.

Thermotherapy is a very relaxing and beneficial treatment and can be used in various different ways to commence any facial or body treatment or used as an extra for massage.


• Warm and relaxing for commencement of treatment

• Opens up pores and prepares skin for introduction of active products and ingredients

• Facilitates ease of vacuum for Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound

• Relieves pain, relaxes Collagen tissue, decreases stiff joints, reduces inflammation

• Reduces pain of muscle spasms



Cryotherapy *Included In Both Facials*

Cryotherapy is the use of very low temperatures in the aesthetic/medical industry and is the last treatment performed using the DermaCo system.

When the Cryotherapy attachment is applied to the skin’s surface it slows down the cellular metabolism, by slowing down this absorption process this allows the active ingredients used on the skin more time to work within the target area.

Many treatment procedures like Thermotherapy involve opening up skin surface pores to help and aid the infusion of products into the skin to release harmful toxins.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is vulnerable to harmful toxins and bacteria, therefore it is essential to close the pores after any treatment to avoid any contamination or infection. This is achieved effectively using the Cryotherapy treatment.


• Soothing and refreshing end to the treatment

• Closes skins pores and seals in active ingredients

• Prevents infection or contamination

• Relaxes and rejuvenates skin